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The properties of KetaSpire® PEEK and Torlon® PAI enable them to be used extensively throughout the semiconductor industry, especially where high-temperature processing is required. They are dimensionally stable at high and low temperatures, provide clean and contaminant-free surfaces, and are not affected by harsh chemicals, strong acids, or solvents.

These ultra high-high performance polymers are particularly suited to replace metal parts for wafer handling, bearing surfaces, processing vessels, parts carriers, and IC test equipment sockets & handlers. For more information, select the link above.

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Typical Applications

  • Semiconductor fabrication and testing
  • CMP rings
  • Wafer carriers
  • Etch rings
  • Pins and fasteners
  • In-process trays and transport media

Product Comparison

 KetaSpire® PEEKTorlon® PAISolef® PAI
Low particulationExcellent Excellent
High purity, low leachables/extractables (ex Cl-)Very goodVery goodExcellent
Outgassing, residual solventsVery goodVery goodExcellent
Low moisture adsorptionVery goodVery goodExcellent
Chemical resistance
   AcidsVery goodVery goodExcellent
   BasesVery goodVery goodExcellent
   OrganicsVery goodVery goodExcellent
Elongation, ductilityGoodGoodVery high