The Ultimate in High-Performance Plastics

Not many polymers can withstand the extreme environments found in a wide variety of industrial applications, from aerospace and automotive to deep sea oil drilling and almost everything in between. Only a few plastics resin suppliers offer these ultra high performance polymers, and they typically have a very limited product offering.

Solvay Gives You the Power of Choice

Unlike other suppliers, Solvay offers a broad selection of ultra high performance polymers, collectively marketed as Spire® Ultra Polymers. In addition to KetaSpire® PEEK, this includes Torlon® PAI and AvaSpire® PAEK, a unique family of customizable high-performance polyketones.

This unparalleled offering gives engineers more flexibility to optimize their designs to reduce weight, lower cost, eliminate corrosion and ultimately outperform the competition in demanding industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Semicon, Industrial Coatings, and Wire & Cable.   


Spire® Ultra Polymers are among the top materials of Solvay's broad portfolio of specialty polymers