What material certifications do Solvay resins have?

KetaSpire® PEEK, AvaSpire® PAEK and Torlon® PAI resins comply with several regulatory and agency approvals. Certifications such as ASTM D4000, ASTM D5204, Mil-P-46183 and Mil-P-46179A are available, together with specific material certifications at Key OEM and Tier suppliers level, including Boeing (BMS 8-269C), GE Engine, Ford, Chrysler, and GM.

Visit the different Products and Markets sections within this website, or contact us to get information on the specific certifications you are looking for.

Can Solvay provide certifications to Boeing and Airbus qualifications on lots I order?

Yes. Please contact your Aerospace representative to get the certifications you need.

What advantages does AvaSpire® PAEK offer over standard PEEK?

AvaSpire® PAEK are unique formulations from Solvay tailor made to provide solutions to specific demanding markets, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, among the others.

Depending on the grade, AvaSpire® PAEK shows equivalent performance to PEEK while providing additional properties such as higher ductility, elongation, and retention of properties at high temperatures.

For more information, visit the AvaSpire® PAEK page on this site and contact an Ultra Polymers representative to discover how AvaSpire® PAEK can best serve your needs.

Who is the distributor for Solvay resins?

Solvay resins are available worldwide. Contact your Ultra Polymers representative to get information on how to get the material you need.

Where can I get stock shapes for prototype development made from these resins?

Global Partners worldwide typically provide stock shapes made from Solvay resins in various sizes of sheets, rods, and tubes.

In respect of Torlon® PAI, Quadrant Plastics* and Drake Plastics are the two official exclusive distributors.

For KetaSpire® PEEK and AvaSpire® PAEK, Solvay offers a global channel of stock shapes producers and distributors. Contact your Ultra Polymers representative to find the partner to best address your needs.

*Torlon® PAI is marketed by Quadrant Plastics under the brand name Duratron®.

Who can I contact to discuss the value/fit Solvay resins may provide in my program/application?

You can use our contact form to email the Ultra Polymers representative in your region.

Or, you can find specific regional contacts for the following markets:

What commercial aerospace applications use Solvay resins?

Refer to the Aerospace Market section in this website to discover all commercial applications related to our ultra high-performing materials.

Where can I get specific product data?

Each product page contains helpful comparison data that explains the unique benefits of each product. To view detailed data and guidelines:
  • You can view and download Technical Data Sheets on our Data Sheets page. With this tool, you can also compare up to 5 grades
  • You can also view and download Design & Processing guides for each product on our Design & Processing page.

For more information and assistance, please contact you Ultra Polymers representative.

I heard Torlon® PAI is difficult to process, is that true?

Torlon® PAI provides the mechanical and ultra high temperature benefits of a polyimide, but with the significant advantage that it can be processed like any standard polyamide. It is not difficult to process Torlon® PAI, as it can be molded in any standard injection molding machine. However a low compression screw is required and a few other slight modifications are suggested. In addition, a cure is required to maximize properties. This cure is managed with standard state-of-the-art ovens.

Torlon® PAI processors are present in all regions of the world and demonstrate outstanding process capabilities with world class yields and quality, etc. However, to maintain and ensure that the highest quality standards are met, we require all Torlon® PAI molders to become approved via a Solvay qualification process.

If you need to identify an approved Torlon® PAI molder or you in fact want to become an approved molder, please contact your Ultra Polymers representative.